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I have all of these ideas. I mean, my head is literally going to explode. During the winter months I knit/crochet, and during the summer ones I make my own jewelry. Not to mention, I make t-shirts, collages, and take photographs. (although, I'm breaking the cycle and knitting a 'summer scarf' right now.) Everything that I make comes out of my head, so it's original. Sure, I may take something I've seen , but I do a total one-eighty on it. I've actually recently been accused of copying someone else's ideas when it comes to using Barbie shoes and old keyboard keys in my jewelry. lol.

As seeing that everyone seems to be talking about their rooms...well, I'll just have to do that too. :) During this summer, I'm deciding on doing a total overhaul on it. I'm finally buying a loft bed, or helping my grandma get rid of her old daybed. I'm going to collage all the frames (?) on the bed with anything I can find. Right now the only nice thing about my room is my HUGE collection of lunchboxes lining my walls and my upside-down poster of Starry Night. Hey-I put it in the frame upside down and it was so hard that I just left it that way. Plus, I think it looks quite nifty.

Hmmm...well then. That was total word vomit...like always.
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