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This community is a great idea!

I love decorating my room and writing and making playlists on my computer :). I really look forward to getting into all the action in this community!

Okay, first theme's room decoration so I'll just describe my room a bit. I'm gonna take some pics of it on the webcam later and post them here if you guys are interested?

I love the color pale pink, and I do mean pale, I can't stand fuchsia although that is the second color in my room atm. As soon as possible I'm changing that (meaning carpet, curtains bed's day cover, lamp and chairs) to dark purple. So my walls are pale pink and so are my curtains. I have antique-looking writing desk which I love and my bed is from the same series. I have just rearranged my room so I don't have much on the walls yet, I have yet to decide how I'm going to arrange all the paintings and photographs on the walls. I collect angel and fairy themed figurines and paintings so I have stuff like that all around. I just put all my crayons and other pens (I can't draw AT ALL so they're merely decorations) in glass jars and little vases, they look pretty. My favourite painting is this one certain castle picture of Monet's and I have it on a poster. I'm really into writing (vignette, poetry) and I have small pieces of painted paper with pieces of my writings scattered around my room.

Anyway, I think pictures will speak for me, so I'll post some later, if anybody expresses interest :).

Oh, one other thing. I did hesitate asking this and I doubt any of you have the time or energy to take this task, but asking won't hurt anybody, right? I love downloading music from the net and arranging them to themed playlists, but I'm not very good at it yet. What I'd really want somebody to do for me is a hypothetical playlist of good songs to go to sleep to, stuff like Sinead O'Connor and I don't know, just relaxing, aesthetic music. Could somebody do this for me? I'd be more than happy to return the favour and list songs of a mood theme of your choice.

Thank you so much in advance. I hope this community will become a lively one :).
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